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Kevin Campbell, an artist who works at a tattoo shop in Los Angeles. The same artist who inked “DRAKE on a fans forehead claimed on twitter that the rapper recently confronted him about the tat. Campbell told several twitter users this week that Drake sent his security guards to his place of work.

Drake spoke with Mando Fresko last month about the tattoo and expressed his less than favorable opinion of Campbell. Although the Canadian rapper said he sympathized with his fan, he added that he thought Campbell was a “f*cking *sshole”.

 “F*CK YOU” to that tattoo artist by the way, ’cause you’re an asshole for real. you should lose your job and you should never do tattoos again,” Drake added.

On Wednesday, January 11th, a twitter user (@Matt_Kaleta) asked Campbell if Drake ever backed his words up with action. Campbell replied saying that he considered the matter resolved telling @Matt_Kaleta,

guess you could call it sorted out”. When Drake recently visited LA last, he parked out front the shop and sent in his security dude.”

Campbell later replied to @f1rstofthemonth saying that Drake’s security delivered a warning, and that no physical confrontation took place. Campbell clarified the nature of the warning on Facebook where he posted,

Drake sent his security detail into the shop to inform me that ‘nobody is going to hurt Drake in the state of California.

What a week for Drake, if its not one thing its Another!